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In 1993 Giao Le, a research and development engineer/engineering manager for a high technology company, decided to start Aspen Electronics.

He knew that he could start an electronics manufacturing service company that would provide better service levels and exceptional product quality than other competitors. His foresight proved to be correct.

Beginning in Broomfield in a 1,000 square foot facility, the company steadily increased revenue. Within two years, Aspen outgrew their facility and moved to a larger space. The consistent growth continued and the company has maintained positive profitability for each of their 20 years in business.

Aspen outgrew their space once again and purchased their own facility in 2010. Today the company operates with 50 loyal employees and a turnover rate of less than 1%. There is no company debt. Due to strong financial management practices and modest overhead, Aspen can pass along financial savings to their customers.