Equipment List

Our full range of modern electronics production equipment can easily handle both medium volumes and smaller production runs.

We combine modern automation equipment and skilled manual assembly to give you high quality, cost effective production… regardless of volume.


Production Equipment

  • 1 Assembleon AX201 High Speed Placement System
  • 1 Assembleon AX301 High Speed Placement System
  • 1 Assembleon Emeralds Flexible Placement System
  • 1 Assembleon Topaz Flexible Placement System
  • 2 Samsung SM421 Flexible Placement System
  • 2 Panasonic MPA VXL Flexible Placement System
  • 1 EKRA E4 Solder Paste Printer
  • 2 DEK 249 Solder Paste Printer
  • 1 DEK 265LT Solder Paste Printer Auto
  • 1 SANYO TPM-1100 Solder Paste Printer Auto
  • 1 Electrovert Omiflow 10 SMT Oven Convection Reflow
  • 1 Heller 1800EXL SMT Oven Convection Reflow
  • 1 Heller 1800S SMT Oven Convection Reflow
  • 1 DIMA 252279 SMT Oven IR Reflow
  • 1 Malcom SPS_1 Solder Paste Mixer
  • 1 Omni Adhesive Dispensing System
  • 2 Aqueous Tech AQ-400CL Closed Loop Cleaning System
  • 1 Aqueous Tech Millennium Closed Loop Cleaning System
  • 1 Mancorp AE-400DS Wave Solder Lead Free
  • 1 Technical Device NU/ERA MP16 Dual Wave Solder
  • 1 Pillarhouse Sapphire DW-100 Selective Solder Lead Free
  • 1 APS Novastar SPA400F Selective Solder Lead Free


Quality Control Equipment

  • 2 Photon Dynamic SVX-2000 Automated Optical Inspection/X-Ray Inspection
  • 1 Yestech YTV-F1 Automated Optical Inspection


Test Equipment

  • 1 Takaya APT-8400 Flying Probe Tester
  • 1 HP 3070 ICT Tester
  • 1 Tenney Environment T5S-5 Temperature Chamber
    • Tektronix and HP Test Equipment such as: Oscilloscopes, Programmable Power Supplies, Programmable
    • Frequency Counters, Function Generators, Spectrum Analyzers

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