Equipment List

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Buy non generic Dilantin, Buy Dilantin from canada

  • 1 Assembleon AX201 High Speed Placement System
  • 1 Assembleon AX301 High Speed Placement System
  • 1 Assembleon Emeralds Flexible Placement System
  • 1 Assembleon Topaz Flexible Placement System
  • 2 Samsung SM421 Flexible Placement System
  • 2 Panasonic MPA VXL Flexible Placement System
  • 1 EKRA E4 Solder Paste Printer
  • 2 DEK 249 Solder Paste Printer
  • 1 DEK 265LT Solder Paste Printer Auto
  • 1 SANYO TPM-1100 Solder Paste Printer Auto
  • 1 Electrovert Omiflow 10 SMT Oven Convection Reflow
  • 1 Heller 1800EXL SMT Oven Convection Reflow
  • 1 Heller 1800S SMT Oven Convection Reflow
  • 1 DIMA 252279 SMT Oven IR Reflow
  • 1 Malcom SPS_1 Solder Paste Mixer
  • 1 Omni Adhesive Dispensing System
  • 2 Aqueous Tech AQ-400CL Closed Loop Cleaning System
  • 1 Aqueous Tech Millennium Closed Loop Cleaning System
  • 1 Mancorp AE-400DS Wave Solder Lead Free
  • 1 Technical Device NU/ERA MP16 Dual Wave Solder
  • 1 Pillarhouse Sapphire DW-100 Selective Solder Lead Free
  • 1 APS Novastar SPA400F Selective Solder Lead Free


Quality Control Equipment

  • 2 Photon Dynamic SVX-2000 Automated Optical Inspection/X-Ray Inspection
  • 1 Yestech YTV-F1 Automated Optical Inspection


Test Equipment

  • 1 Takaya APT-8400 Flying Probe Tester
  • 1 HP 3070 ICT Tester
  • 1 Tenney Environment T5S-5 Temperature Chamber
    • Tektronix and HP Test Equipment such as: Oscilloscopes, Programmable Power Supplies, Programmable
    • Frequency Counters, Function Generators, Spectrum Analyzers