Through Hole PCB

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This assembly method involves the use of leads on components that are inserted into holes drilled into printed circuit boards.

The leads are soldered to pads on the opposite side either by hand placement manual assembly or by automated insertion mount machines. We can solder circuit boards with considerable density, nearly any geometrics, and uniquely-shaped printed circuit boards.

The result will be a quality finished product without icicles, bridges, or solder build-up. Solder quality is carefully managed with attention to pre-bake duration, temperature and density, overall solder temperature, flux application, height of wave, entry angle, and conveyer speed.

We utilize volume production methods to assemble your product as efficiently as possible. For this reason, our assembly method will be customized depending upon the design and batch quantity involved. Due to our experienced through hole assemblers and highly efficient assembly process, we build over 100,000 through hole assemblies each year.